Fish and Chips

Long John Silver’s Refocuses on Fried Fish with a New $2.99 Offering

Long John Silver’s has introduced a new $2.99 two piece fish and chips meal.

After many years of broadly focusing on menu product variety, the venerable fish restaurant has been looking to employ new leadership to refocus the effort in rebranding with the original specialty of fried fish. Long John Silver’s has been boldly seeking a re-launch of the brand in 2014 with a healthier image. Earlier this year, the chain started a new promotion with the motto ‘think fish’, which included commercials with environmental messaging.

In a particular TV spot called ‘final frontier’, the narrator states, “Anyone ever heard of free range?” with pictures confined cows. “Get your next meal from the real frontier — fish sustainably harvested from the wildest place on earth.”

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Could McDonald’s Be Rolling Out a McBrunch Menu for Millenials?

The stock exchange seems to be illustrating that McDonald’s must have something attention getting, innovative and appealing.
In July, the McDonald’s Corporation filed a federal trademark registration #86345988 for the name “McBrunch.” Millenials may soon be consuming breakfast products well past 10:30 am, most likely on weekends and holidays.
A McDonald’s spokesperson affirmed the application but cautioned, “We routinely file intent to use trademark applications as a regular course of business. We can’t share details at this time as to how the trademarks may or may not be used.”
“To be truthful, it’s been puzzling to see coverage of this because there is truly no news here,” wrote Lisa McComb, a company spokeswoman, in an email. “I understand the interest, because I, as a consumer, would love to get my beloved Egg White Delight or other breakfast items later, but we are not testing a McBrunch concept.”

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El Pollo Loco

El Pollo Loco Shows Strong Earnings in the First Report Card to Wall Street

El Pollo Loco—the quick service restaurant branded around serving real food at reasonable prices – documented quarterly earnings that were as expected with analysts’ expectations on Thursday, promoted by a 6 percent increase in revenue. The company posted second-quarter adjusted earnings of 16 cents per share on $87 million in revenue, up from $82 million a year ago.
System-wide equivalent store sales rose 5.4 percent during the three months. At company-operated stores, comparable sales increased 5 percent, driven by a nearly 3 percent increase in average check size and about a 2 percent increase in visitor traffic.
The California-based dining chain specializes in Mexican-style grilled chicken. It contends with Chipotle Mexican Grill and other fast-casual businesses like Chick-fil-A and Yum! Brands KFC.

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Del Taco Fresca Bowl

Free Drink with New Fresca Bowls at Del Taco

Del Taco is launching three new Fresca Bowls: premium, made-to-order bowls crammed with fresh ingredients and showing visitors a “bowlful of fresh tastes” in every morsel. Fresca Bowls, the newest addition to the Del Taco menu, are loaded to the rim with fresh, tasty, high-quality ingredients and are the perfect choice for customers looking for an alternative to the tortilla every now and then.
Priced at just $4 each, Del Taco’s Fresca Bowls are served on a bed of fresca lime rice and seasoned black beans, and are provided in three varieties.
Between the dates of September 4 and 14, Del Taco patrons will get a free small drink with purchase of any Fresca Bowl, at participating locations. Prices may vary by location.

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McDonald’s Makes a Preemptive First Strike on a Junk Food Image

At a dinner McDonald’s (MCD) organized for correspondents and bloggers, waiters served culinary art developed by celebrity chefs using ingredients from the chain’s bill of fare.
A Kung Pao chicken appetizer was created with Chicken McNuggets drenched in sweet-and-sour sauce and garnished using parsley. Slow-cooked beef was served with gnocchi fashioned out of McDonald’s french fries and a fruit condiment from its smoothie mixture. For dessert, its biscuit mix was put to use to build a pumpkin spice “biznut,” a biscuit-doughnut hybrid.
The affair, held in New York City’s Tribeca neighborhood, was referred to “A transforming dining experience of ‘fast food’ to ‘good food served fast.’ ” Attendees tweeted out photos and the event was written up on a variety of websites.
The recipes aren’t intended for McDonald’s restaurants. Alternatively, the evening is part of a campaign by McDonald’s to shake its character for serving inexpensive, unhealthful food. At a time when Americans are paying closer consideration to what they devour, the company is trying to sway public opinion by first communicating to the reporters, bloggers and other supposed “influencers” who write and communicate about McDonald’s.

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Dollar Cravings Menu

Taco Bell Brings Out the Beefy Fritos Burrito on its Dollar Cravings Menu

Taco Bell introduced eleven items on its dollar cravings menu. Some items are actually going up in price because they had been offered at prices less than a dollar.

One new items to be excited about is the “Beefy Fritos Burrito”.

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Cronut from Jack in the Box

Jack in the Box Adds the Trendy Cronut to Breakfast Offerings

Jack in the Box has unveiled its own version of the croissant-donut pairing. The restaurant is calling these cronuts another term – croissant donuts. These sweet treats are sprinkled with cinnamon sugar and come individually or in bag of three.

These croissant donuts will only be available for a limited time. Jack in the Box also introduced two new breakfast burritos — the “Meat Lovers” and the “Grande Sausage.”

As typical of Jack’s breakfast offerings, you can purchase these any time they are open.


Del Taco Santa Paula

Del Taco in Santa Paula Can Be Very Expensive

Michael Cole’s bill for one CrunchTada Pizza and two beef tacos came to $4,050. It was either a mistake, or one of the costliest meals in the history of Santa Paula’s Del Taco. As Cole and several other customers who paid small fortunes for burritos, tacos and sodas found out, it was the former — an expensive technical error. It’s not clear what caused the glitch, but it affected ATM and credit card transactions at only the Santa Paula Del Taco location, said Del Taco spokesman Brian Devenny. “The processor is aware of the situation and has contacted banks involved,” Devenny said. “They are working together to get these charges reversed as quickly as possible.”

Roughly 150 customers were affected, on Monday and Tuesday, he said. “There’s nothing that guests need to do,” Devenny said late Friday afternoon, adding that refunds had already started. Cole noticed the problem Friday morning when he tried to pull $20 from an ATM and got denied. He called his bank, which told him of the Del Taco charge. “I don’t even think I’ve spent that much in the last five years,” Cole said.

Tuesday night is when Dino DeLaO’s wife stopped by, paying $10.20 for her food. At least she thought she had paid $10.20. She was actually charged $10,200, said DeLaO, whose banker alerted him of the odd transaction and withdrawal.

The mischarge caused his mortgage check to bounce and could affect several other bills, DeLaO said. A frustrated DeLaO questioned whether overdraft or other fees would also be covered.

“When stuff like this happens, they don’t know what’s going on,” he said, holding a piece of paper with the phone number of the financial processor he’d been told to call. Devenny said all charges related to the food purchases will be refunded.

At least one customer has already been paid back. Austin Dillon, of Oxnard, came in a couple days ago and bought $4.26 worth of food, which turned into $4,260. He noticed Friday morning as he did his weekly banking.

Dillon said it wasn’t difficult getting the money credited. “It’s kind of obvious because it was Del Taco,” he said.

Although some customers were upset and frustrated Friday — at least two said they had no access to more money — others took the phone numbers and quietly left. Several made jokes. “I don’t want a $2,200 Coke,” one customer said.

Cole, whose boss let him come in to handle the situation, headed back to work after being told to return later when the Del Taco manager was in.

He seemed confident the matter would be handled, assumed it was a computer glitch. The food’s good and the service great, Cole said of his regular Del Taco. “It’s not going to deter me from coming back,” he said. “I’ll probably use cash from now on.”



Burger King

Burger King Copying the Big Mac with Chicken

Burger King is introducing the Chicken Big King, a further evolution of the Big King burger it unveiled last November and then increased in size in February. The new sandwich’s build remains the same as with the previous two iterations—with lettuce, pickles, onions, American cheese and King sauce on a three-layer, toasted sesame-seed bun—just with two of the crispy chicken patties it uses for the Rodeo Chicken Sandwich on its King Deals Value Menu. The only build change is that three bun faces get a schmear of sauce, rather than two as with burgers, to keep the chicken moist.

Using the Rodeo Chicken patty is consistent with Burger King’s strategic shift last year to introducing fewer new products and to simplifying kitchen operations. “This year, basically, we have introduced only four new products and we have done that with just one new SKU, the spicy chicken patty. A year ago we were introducing a bunch of [new] products with a lot of new SKUs and it was very confusing for our restaurant teams. It was difficult for our franchisees to manage profitability. We took a few steps back and tried to be more creative with on-hand ingredients and that’s what we’re doing here.” That, he says, has improved store operations by adding efficiency and cutting waste. “Despite the weather challenges that everyone has had, we’re seeing increased profitability for franchisees, which is our ultimate goal.”

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