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Arby’s love of Pepsi was once so strong that it apologized – Now the switch to Coke


“After conducting a thorough and highly competitive review of our previous beverage contract, which concluded early this year, we ultimately decided to transition to The Coca-Cola Company,” Arby’s President Rob Lynch said in a statement. “We expect the conversion in our restaurants to conclude this summer.”


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Thinking small makes it big for Krystal and Paul Macaluso


“This was just too great of an opportunity to pass up the chance to help a great brand that I grew up with in central Florida and have such great memories about,” the 48-year-old Orlando, Florida native said. “We’re at a point now where we are in a bit of a turnaround situation and I love being part of a team to help revitalize the brand.”

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Florida Woman Arrested After Offering Oral Favors in Exchange for Taco Bell

Buffy Suzanne Bryan Taco Bell

A Florida woman was arrested last Thursday after she offered an undercover police officer oral sex in exchange for Taco Bell.

According to WJXT-TV, Buffy Suzanne Bryan, 47, approached an undercover police officer who posing as a customer. She offered the sex act in exchange for two soft tacos — an order which would have cost her $2.14

Bryan was arrested charged with offering, committing, or engaging in prostitution or assignation. It was the ninth time she had been arrested for prostitution.

Four other women between 31 and 48 were arrested in the citywide prostitution sting, all of whom had been charged with prostitution at least one time.

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Well Designed Apps for iOS and Android Help Boost Higher Sales at Chain Restaurants

Starbucks Mobile App

Mobile apps have become an increasingly popular tool for chains, which often use them to distribute coupons, announce new products, and facilitate rewards programs. But research suggests that, for restaurants, mobile apps engage consumer behavior in an even more significant way. Consumers who order Taco Bell via the company’s app, for instance, will likely spend more than those who order at the drive-thru window.

Worth noting is that mobile apps only translate to higher sales if the app is well-designed. That’s according to a new report from ARC (Application Resource Center), the research arm of digital quality and testing company Applause, which ranks the apps of the top 55 restaurant chains.

The report utilized software that works to sift through app store ratings and user reviews to quantify each app’s quality on a 100-point scale. “It’s basically a big data tool that crawls app store feedback,” says Ben Gray, a Digital Experience Analyst with ARC’s parent company, Applause.

The result is a list that reveals a stark contrast between mobile leaders — Domino’s, Starbucks, Pizza Hut, and Taco Bell — and brands that lag behind in terms of mobile engagement.

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