Should Chipotle add chorizo to win back customers?

Chipotle is considering adding new menu items to win back customers as sales plunge in the wake of E. coli outbreaks that affected restaurants across the country.

One of the first items that Chipotle could add is chorizo, a spicy pork and chicken blend, Chipotle executives said on a call with analysts on Tuesday.

The company is hoping that chorizo and other new menu additions will draw back its most loyal customers.

A test of chorizo in Kansas City last year was “very, very popular with our loyal customers,” Chipotle co-CEO Monty Moran said. The company is hoping that the addition of chorizo will “make our loyal customers come more often,” he said. The decision to add menu items goes against one of Chipotle’s core business strategies. The company has deliberately left its menu virtually unchanged since it was founded more than two decades ago. The only major change in the past 23 years has been the addition of tofu sofritas in 2014.

In-N-Out is Coming to the Linq Promenade on the Las Vegas Strip

This’ll be welcome news to the millions of Las Vegas visitors who hail from east of the Rockies (well, except for those from Dallas): Caesars Entertainment Corporation has announced that In-N-Out Burger — the iconic West Coast chain that inspires envy in much of the rest of the land for burgers made from pure beef chuck ground in its own facilities, french fries hand-cut while you watch and shakes made from real ice cream — is opening its first outlet on the Las Vegas Strip, at The Linq Promenade.

To sweeten the deal for tourists: The burger shop, scheduled to open in the fall, will be right next to another California icon — Sprinkles cupcake shop.

In-N-Out Burger is one of a number of restaurants and shops being added to the promenade. Gordon Ramsay Fish & Chips, Canter’s Deli and Virgil’s Real Barbecue are expected to open in late summer.

Soon all of those Midwesterners, moved to “meh” by the Strip presence of back-home favorite White Castle, will be able to indulge in Double-Doubles — as well as 3×3’s, 4×4’s and Animal Style burgers from the Not So Secret Menu — without having to make their way to the always-crowded In-N-Out on Dean Martin Drive near Tropicana Avenue.

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